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Trans person

A trans person, also known as a transgender person, is someone whose gender identity and/or gender expression does not match the sex assigned at birth. Intersex people who have switched gender roles may or may not identify as a trans person.

Trans persons may or may not have their bodies medically adjusted to their gender. For government gender registration adjustment, physical adjustment is not a requirement.

Transvestites also fall under the broader umbrella term trans as used within LGBTI.

Some within the trans community also view intersex as a form of trans (gender), to the dismay of many intersex people.

Trans persons may identify as male, female, both, neither or non-binary. Today, the gender designation non-binary is also often used by people who do not identify as trans persons.

Trand (gender) persons used to be called transsexuals. Because the word transsexuality seems to falsely link trans people to (having) sex, more and more trans persons prefer the term trans or transgender to transsexuality.

TG, derived from transgender, is a disused acronym for trans persons.

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