Trans person (TG)

A trans person, also known as a transgender person, is someone whose gender identity and/or gender expression does not match the sex assigned at birth. Intersex people who have switched gender roles may or may not identify as a trans person.

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Een bondgenoot is iemand die zonder eigenbelang en zonder zelf direct betrokkene te zijn, zorgt dat een direct betrokkene niet alleen staat.



Literally: favored. In sociology: advantaged position based on membership in a dominant social group.



The premise that concepts and norms used in two paradigms cannot be adapted to each other in a way that allows the simultaneous practice of both paradigms. Incommensurability is a concept from the philosophy of science that has been elaborated in different ways and independently by Thomas Kuhn and Paul Feyerabend.



Discourse is a group of statements that provide a language for talking about -a way of representing knowledge about- a particular subject at a particular historical moment. Discourse is about the production of knowledge through language. But since all social practices involve meaning, and meanings shape and influence what we do - our behavior - all actions have a discursive aspect.

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